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Humor to Jamaicans is like the sun; it covers the whole island. Audiences always welcome a good joke. Like the spicy peppers to Jerk Pork, so is humor to every conversation or speech. The politicians to the clergymen and those in between know that. The bar is the epicenter of Jamaican jokes. This is a place of absolute equality where every stratum comfortably interacts. This is made easier by the fact that White Rum and its allies have the capacity, when consumed or even inhaled by some, to make the shy, brazen, the silly wise and the dumb, orators. Like liquor products, there are Jamaican jokes ‘light,’ and the majority unadulterated.

My collection straddles both disciplines as I need to cover the whole spectrum. I intermingle the Jamaican language (Patois) with English in ways that are understandable and apply euphemism and subtleties that Jamaicans and associates can decipher. The bracketed letters are open to interpretation. ‘Mi noh cuss noh bad wud’ (I have not used profanity). Challenge any version of my jokes and I dare you to give yours and the source. If it was the bar, extract the spirit and your watered-down version will be all that’s left.

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