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We're Not Gonna Take it is a resource and tool book geared to the 15-to-25-year-old millennial youth yet there is guidance for parents and youth workers. This book focuses on 10 essential life skills that are not often being taught in the school system or at home and then how to apply these to life choices. The books begins with the value of life skills, making mistakes and being accountable and responsible. It is these life skills and soft skills that create the foundation for our youth's success, in life and work. This is a different world. All has changed after the 2008/09 recession.This resource book is a guide to our youth to assist in making good decisions for schools, program and career choices, the value of mentors and coaches, a look at the baby-boomer created workplace, how to bridge the gap between older generations and themselves and most important challenge systems to create much needed change in a respectful manner; one that brings sustainable and executable change. There is an important section on financial literacy and awareness. It is often after graduating that the older millennial have said, "I wish I made better financial decisions". ROI of education is critical in order that our youth make decisions that make financial sense that will lead to reduced student-debt, underemployment and lack of skill set knowledge - relevant for today's ever-changing market.For the parent and influencers this resource book offers an understanding as to what their children are facing so we can support and guide them in their choices. As parents we only know what we know. We need to understand what are the issues facing our children and guide them to the best of our abilities and allow them to determine what is relevant for today and what is not.Finally, for the youth workers, teachers and guidance counselors, this is a tool to assist in the decision-making process to guide them in this ever-changing labour market.
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