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This is a true story about a coach that had a seventh grade student name Sam perform twenty
naked push-ups over the floor drain in front of his entire gym class in the locker room Sam from
that point on would be teased and called the naked push-up boy everyone in the school that had
heard about him having to do the naked push-ups in his gym class started calling him the
perverted naked push-up boy this name would follow him to this very day.

After coming home and telling his father and I what happen we were both shocked and hurt that
anyone would punish our child or any child with such a perverted and humiliating act, his father
and I approached the school the next day hoping to have the coach punished by the school and to
gain our son's dignity back by having the coach apologize to our son in front of his entire gym
class saying that he had used bad judgment on Sam and that no other child would have to perform
such an act again.

Jim and I were shocked and angered even more when we found out the school was already aware
that the coach enforced naked types of punishments on his students by complaints from other
parents the school's Principal informed Jim and I that the coach was protected under the teacher's
union contract.

I am writing my Son's Story because the Coach is protected under a Teachers Union
Contract but what a bout a Contract that Protects my Son and his Right's to a Safe Education!.

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