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Heaven and hell collide in the epic battle described in this book. What is the battle about? In the order of importance, it is first about the glory of our God, whose name is holy and faithful. He must be glorified, and every other thing is secondary. Secondly, His supernatural love has upgraded the fallen sons of Adam to a place of supreme importance. It is not only that their eternal peace is at stake, but also that He has attached His own name and glory to their redemption. What’s more, He invested everything—including His own life—to secure theirs, and yet, after all that divine investment, God left the execution and management of His great enterprise to the children of men so that men can reach men. If His people will take His business as seriously as He takes it and simply do what He tells them to do, they will reach their generation and the one after that.

Through these divine illustrations and prophetic revelations, you can see how Satan works tirelessly to destroy men, women, and children—to take them with him to an eternal hell and rob God of His glory. See what our weapons are, how to fight Satan, and how to maintain the victory Jesus already purchased with His blood.

Published: WestBow Press on
ISBN: 9781490813011
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