t age six, it is diffi cult to understand why some adults think that children of
this age have no feelings and no meaningful input regarding whether their
parents’ or grandparents’ home can be an option for them. In addition, why
does this option seem to coincide with the appearance of some dark skin children?
I am a very dark skin, skinny, six year old girl who is involuntarily sent up north to
live with my sixty-plus year old grandparents, the Jones. City life is frightening to me.
Grandpa and grandma Jones, my aunts and uncles always keep me doing odd jobs,
like “Tonya, do this...” Perhaps it’s because they don’t like the way I look, because
most of the kids at school call me black and ugly.
For Christmas, Grandpa Jones always gives me a white doll with yellow hair, and
Grandma Jones is more friendly with my lighter skin cousins than with me. One of
my aunts’ husbands shows fondness for me in a strange way. I ain’t told nobody.
Five years later, Grandma and I go back down south to visit my family, with the
idea that I return with her. But, my father, Mr. Porter, decides no to that idea. Grandma
is unhappy.
At age thirteen, in my efforts to be liked by others, I shadow my older sister who
is a bit more aggressive than I. That didn’t improve things much, but it was better
than nothing.
Subsequently, Tonya is in trouble and there doesn’t seem to be anyone she can
turn to.
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