In West Chambers, Georgia, conformity was the popular trend. If you stood out in any way, you were looked down upon, and nobody was more out of place than Nathan Kole.

As the son of a hero cop, there were many high expectations on his shoulders, but he wasn’t exactly living up to any of them in the eyes of
the towns people. He had enough trouble already, after a tragedy hit his home, triggering a series of nightmares that he has been unable to escape.

The only person he ever confides in is the new girl at his college. Samantha Dowery was also a bit of an outcast, not following the popular
feminine trends. She, like many others in town had her own secrets.

Erick was born within a dark society, hidden well beneath the town. His father, still in prison, holds a tight grip on him even aft er his deployment and separation from the army.

When they found Jessica, holding a book that written in a dark language that only Erick could understand, it became apparent that the four of them were connected in some mysterious way.

Their journey to discover what ties them together will lead them down a path soaked in blood, and paved with the bodies of the unfortunate caught in the crossfire.


The Four is a Dark Fantasy novel I wrote during my tour in Afghanistan. It´s a tale of four young individuals who develop unique and somewhat unstable powers as they attempt to survive the tragedies that seem to fall onto them. The eventually become aware of a connection between them, and attempt to discover what this connection is.


Time and Place

The book takes place in early 2012, in the town of West Chambers, Georgia. The town is deep into the bible belt and there are some people who are almost fanatical about what they believe is right and wrong. There are those who are less inclined to conform to the majority of the town´s single-mindedness.


Main Characters

Nathan Kole

Age: 19

Height: 6´2´´

Weight: 195

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Black (Past Shoulders)

Bio: Nathan is the son of a hero cop, who was killed in the line of duty. He lives with his mother Audrie who works at East Chambers Hospital. After his father´s death, he has been haunted by nightmares, of violent acts of human destruction. He is currently enrolled in West Chambers University. Generally likes to keep to himself, and has alienated himself from his friends, over the past few years.


Samantha Dowery

Age: 19

Height: 5´9´´

Weight: 155

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown (Shoulder Length)

Bio: Samantha lives in a small house with her father. Her mother and father divorced after an incident that happened when she was only 6. A bit outgoing and tomboyish, she doesn´t quite fit in with all of the other female trends around town.


Erick Locke

Age: 23

Height: 5´11´´

Weight: 215 (Toned)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Dark Brown (Crew Cut)

Bio: Recently relieved of his duties in the army, Erick has returned home to his father´s estate. Erick´s father, Damien Locke, was the leader of a dark cult that kept themselves hidden beneath the town. Damien currently resides in prison, after convincing his followers to parti
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