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I was suffering with Bloating, "The Runs", Constipation, and after copious tests was diagnosed with IBS and an allergy to seafood. Over the next 10 years I did everything they told me to; ate the right foods, exercised, drank enough water. Instead of my symptoms getting better they just grew so severe until I was growing two dress sizes in a day, was unable to lose any weight even though I had a rigorous 1 hour exercise regime at least 5 days a week and I became hypoglycaemic, feeling dizzy and faint I returned to the doctor. A visit to the nutritionist and a breath test later I was diagnosed with Fructose intolerance.

OK what’s that? Basically what it boiled down to for me is not being able to eat 90% of the food that you could buy in a supermarket. I went shopping and looking at what was in the food, I was horrified and went home and broke down. Absolutely devastated, my wonderful husband sat down next to me, listened to me unload then told me in no uncertain terms to pull myself together. I used to cook professionally and that if anyone could work out a way around it I could. Then once I had figured out how to cook in a fructose friendly way to publish a book, because he was certain there were others just like me out there.

So here we are my fructose friendly feasts.
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