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Christi Columbo is a Bio-Chemist for Futura Consulting in New York City. She has done vast amounts of work on the Netrosia Project which if successful will create a chemical compound that will irradicate the Jihadi Bin Laden forces in Afghanistan caves. Alfred Monk became friends with Christie after meeting on and a spark of romance ensued afterward. Alfred is a programmer for Tech One software and is working on the Netrosia project and doesnt know it. When Christie takes a flight to London to finalize the missile deal and put it into action with the Air Force the Continental flight that she was on was bombed by terrorists. Onboard was Senator Douglas Eisenhower whose body was found dead in the Atlantic. Christie's body was never found. With the help of Angelica and Tony who retrieve Alfred from questioning at the NYPD Alfred believes Christie is still alive and will stop at nothing to find her. This book has Army Rangers storming in on a Saudi compound, Navy Seals diving to the ocean floor to end the Jihadi threat to the US and a speech by Barak Obama. There is also tons of humor on just about every page as well as some romance not on every page but good stuff none the less. Overall it is a great adventure ride till the last page of the book so enjoy I know I did writing it. This book examines what if the next attack from Osama Bin Laden's followers is worse than 911?
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ISBN: 9781456739737
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