Truth Stranger than Fiction

A fearlessly honest true life journey of a woman balancing the sharp edges of tradition, politics, social commitment, and call of the spirit, this book unveils rare home-truths of conservative Asian upbringing and the author’s struggle as a diplomat and wife of a politician. The later part is an unusual story of a foreign ministry officer leaving worldly comforts to live in a distant ashram at the command of her world renowned guru, a Swami who introduced an institutional order where demands of divine laws could be practiced secularly. A Swami who touched millions of hearts across the globe and redefined service through magnificent welfare projects!

Striking a rare objectivity to previous writings, the author shares raw insights of her thirty-three years experience with Swami and his ashram: the state of an elevated soul being dragged down to lowest depths, exhibiting a complex mixture of compassion and selfishness and his struggle to keep up the projected image of an avatar of the age—God, Jesus, and Buddha—in flesh and blood. The inherent fear of human psychology to address deception at spiritual and religious levels is laid bare with remarkable frankness.

By adamantly keeping the author through life-threatening situations till his demise, what did Swami want to tell the world? A reminder of the epic struggle between light and darkness, wisdom and ignorance! A must-read for every seeker of heart.
Published: Balboa Press on
ISBN: 9781452584232
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