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How To Take Advantage of Technology as an Actor & Voiceover

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Is it possible and acceptable to deliver a professional audition from your iPad or iPhone? YES! If you know the industry standards detailed in How To Take Advantage of Technology as an Actor & Voiceover. Discover trade secrets to secure voice acting jobs through the use of today’s most common and widely-used technology.

Successful business owners will tell you that it generally takes three to five years to establish any small business. The same is true for the voiceover and acting business provided you utilize the tools necessary to running your voiceover and acting career.

This dynamic industry is dependent on multiple media, promotions, communications, and the technologies that drive them. In order for art to meet commerce, you need to know How To Take Advantage of Technology as an Actor & Voiceover to establish and further your career as a professional talent. Learn the essentials required to offer the greatest opportunities in promoting yourself and maintaining your acting and voice acting career regardless of location or experience level to land voice overs and on-camera jobs.

Discover what no voice acting classes will teach you from the author of The SOUND ADVICE Encyclopedia of Voice-over & the Business of Being a Working Talent and expert in the voice acting and entertainment field to allow you the best chance to secure voice acting jobs as well as on-camera work.

You’ll learn:
- How to turn promotional postcards into interactive links to lead directly to your web site
- What format headshots need to be in to view them online
- Online casting sources for both on-camera acting jobs and voice acting jobs from across the country
- Which web sites offer the most work as a actor and/or voice over
- How to land voice acting jobs from producers in regions on the opposite side of the country with the use of a simple FREE online tool
- How to practice recording your auditions from home with out destroying your professional reputation
- Plus much more!

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