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Can a middle-aged, married woman find happiness with a younger man?
When a married woman in her mid-thirties, and a younger man who is engaged to be married become infatuated with each other, they have to do something about it. Was it Cookie's need to find the love she wasn't getting from her husband that initially interested her in Gene? Was it his girlfriend's indifferent attitude toward sex that caused him to become obsessed with the need to make love to his exceptionally attractive neighbor?
It doesn't take long for Cookie and Gene to turn their mutual desires into the most explosive sex either has ever known. And although Cookie is willing to leave her husband for him, Gene is faced with a dilemma. Not only does he not want to break up her family, but he feels obligated to marry Lorraine because he took her virginity. Nevertheless, that doesn't stop them from sneaking off to express their promised undying love for the other as often as they can. But can they stay together? How long can they keep getting away with what they have been doing?

From their first kiss, through the obstacles that must be climbed, and the heartaches that plague them, this story tells of a love that shouldn't have begun. So why did it begin? Can Cookie carry out her threat never to talk to him again if he gets married? Can Gene stop loving her after he is married to an unfaithful wife?

This title is published by Melange Books LLC and is distributed worldwide by Untreed Reads.
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