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The wisdom of White WingÕs messages first came through a group in London England in 1927 and continued periodically throughout the years ending in the year 1955 on Vancouver Island Canada.

The lectures were given to me to hold sacred until the time was right to publish them and share them to those who might find them helpful in linking up their past lives to the present time. The lectures can only be understood in the heart rather than in the mind by the Light-workers in these times of change.

Volume one deals with chapters on subjects such as The Life of White Wing to White Wing on the Dawn. There are 45 chapters in all. Volume Two consists of Questions and Answers asked by the group in London mostly dealing with questions as to our incarnation here compared to our life on the other side. (The Etheric Realm.) Also there are New Age prayers to read for your own comfort. There are 254 Questions and Answers. Volume Three deals with more spiritual subjects such as the Sacraments, The Temple and the journey to the Pyramid for the final consummation of this age.

Please feel free to read and copy these messages but we ask you not to alter the wording as this may change the intent of the thought. It is suggested that you start to read Volume One first through to Volume Three before you pick and choose the chapters at random.

The intent of these messages is to give back the forgotten memory to the Immortals (Light-workers), the understanding of who they really are spiritually.

And so it is, God bless you all,

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