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A Revolutionary War hero. The local blacksmith. A professor of history at an esteemed university. These are just a few of the past lives you could have lived--and have no idea about. With a renowned psychic medium as your guide, you'll delve into the unknown realms of the past, answering questions like:

Does everyone have a past life? Are all humans reincarnated? What are the steps to past life regression? What methods should I use to regress into my past? How do I find out about the lives I lived? How do I cope if my past life was not a good one? Featuring a balanced overview of the history of past life regression and how you can achieve your own past life experience, this is an all-inclusive resource if you want to know more about where (and when!) you have been.
Published: F&W, a Content and eCommerce Company on
ISBN: 9781440527272
List price: $16.95
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