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Eating Fish With a Bitter Aftertaste is a fantastic account
of Phoebe Frisbee, a troubled suburban housewife and
her three ennui ridden, social climbing friends. They
live on the same street in an affl uent Long Island village
during the late 1990’s and they are convinced they have
discovered the formula for everlasting youth and beauty.
When Phoebe wakes up one day locked in a mental health
facility, mute and disheveled, with no idea how she arrived
there, her hilarious and frightening adventure begins. We
are taken back in time, though Phoebe’s hypnotherapy
sessions, to piece together the mystery surrounding her
incarceration and the bizarre events that led up to it.
The “seachange” that Phoebe and her cronies experience
takes them on a wild ride through the trends of the
nineties. Eating Fish With a Bitter Aftertaste is a chowder
of pop psychology, substance abuse, fundamentalist cults,
the weight loss industry and the animal rights movement.
Although this is a work of fi ction, the author wishes to
remain anonymous.
This book includes a small collection of recipes.
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781450097574
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