Do other superior beings really exist outside of Earth? Of course they do and in this book they are very active all over the Universe but not always in a serious way.

The Sramsians, Sunevians and Otulpians are from three identical planets in the same orbit around the same sun in a very old galaxy on the far side of the universe that has no sides. They come from a Galaxy so old that its name has been forgotten and so is just called “The Oldest Galaxy.”

The “Creator” has made them the Caretakers, Custodians and the Commissioners of the Universe as the Creator is very busy creating.
This third book in the series centres around the Human hero who saved the Universe and his attempts to get back to where and who he was when he originally left Earth. He finds that two or three years in Space Time is ten thousand years in Earth Time so he sneaks a peak into the future and meets future human beings. He gets a lot of shocks and surprises, not all good, before the Aliens find a way to return him to his origins.

He discovers that the future Humans have read his books that he hasn’t written yet so that is the reason why the author is writing the books now so that future Humans can read about themselves from the past!!??
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781490700960
List price: $4.99
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