The Courageous Adventure of Cameron and Bones
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This is a story of love, courage, and faith; a story of how a young boy, Cameron, and his best friend, a faithful dog named Bones, find themselves being tossed overboard from a tourist ship at sea. Alone, fighting the ocean waves, they eventually find themselves stranded on a deserted island. Standing quietly beside Bones, Cameron remembers what he had been taught. He could hear the voice of his beloved grandmother, Honey, telling him, “When feeling lost, pray. But most of all, keep your faith.” It was his father who had taught him survival skills. These lessons, plus the feeling that others were praying for him, gave him comfort and courage; he and Bones would indeed get off the island. But first they must face the trials of finding food, the challenge of building shelter. Then they begin to search the island for a way off, only to fall into a cave. It is there they discover an amazing, hidden secret.

Published: WestBow Press on
ISBN: 9781490813653
List price: $3.99
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