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Do you remember the sheer joy of playing catch in the yard or have fond memories involving baseball? Was baseball, like church, once a subject of intense discussion shared with family, friends, or total strangers transcending generations, gender, race, and economic status? Has it become far less important in your life? Have you ever wondered what issues drove a wedge between you and such joy and passion?

Paul is such a person whose once deep passion for the Game of baseball has eroded over the years by changes sidetracking its pure essence. The excitement of league pennant races has been replaced with wild card chases. Focus on key hitting and pitching stats has given way to PED usage and contract details. Can managing a youth league baseball team enable him to overcome these negative changes to the game and rediscover his love for the Game, or will his interest completely fall away? Having a team consisting of well-known biblical figures and a special player named Chris just might help.

Commingling laughs with a message that can be enjoyed by youngsters and adults alike, whether believers or non-believers, this novel blends biblical events, references, and characters humorously into the context of youth baseball as Paul attempts to reconnect.

Published: WestBow Press on
ISBN: 9781490813561
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