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This cookbook is dedicated to all those who are trying to feed their loved-ones well. In light of all the food intolerances being diagnosed, (myself being dairy and gluten intolerant), I felt a need to compose the cookbook I wish I had when I found out that I had such restrictions.

As a child, I remember so often having a queasy stomach. I was really, really little and skinny too. As an adult, my gut was where stress hit me and where I felt unwell more often than not.

Several years ago in the winter, I got a nasty rash in a couple of places and my whole body just ITCHED! I did some Google-ing and decided that I would cut out wheat products and see what happened. Well, it took about one day before the itching stopped.

I have always been a person who could live on bread, bagels, pasta, cookies, etc, etc. I have never been much of a carnivore. I’m not totally veggie but I do refrain from eating my mammal friends. I will have a little fish or poultry but prefer being meatless.

After searching for a cookbook for someone like me; a person who is intolerant to gluten and dairy products (milk products give me migraines) coupled with my desire to not eat large quantities of meat, I decided to write a cookbook!

Cooking and baking (especially baking), without gluten and dairy is a challenge and can be rather expensive; however, the recipes in this book have been developed and taste-tested to get the most flavor and nutrition for your money.

Have fun with these recipes; add your own twist to them! There is still a lot of great food to eat, so let’s get cooking!
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