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Jenna Altsman wasn’t like normal, teenage Jewish girls. Her eyes
were blue and her hair was blonde. She lived in a tiny apartment with
her family. One day everything changed. Soldiers forced her and her
family out, and sent them to concentration camps. A doctor selected
Jenna to be tested on for special experiments. She met strange
children at the hospital, and befriended them. She soon realized
how dangerous the experiments were after becoming very sick, and
noticed how sick the other children were. She escaped the hospital
with a friend, but soon found the road ahead of her treacherous. She
battled the cold winter weather, and searched for a village she could
be safe in. When she finally found one, a soldier discovered who she
was, and sent her back to the camp.

Read the remarkable story of how she struggled to understand
why people hated her and tried to kill her. How she battled to survive
horrible sicknesses. How she barely escaped from the concentration
camp, and struggled to blend in with society. How she searched for a
safe place to live where she could stay and finally be free
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781493130078
List price: $3.99
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