Matt was born a natural with a pistol, a gift he had come to hate because he’d had to use it too many times to stay alive. Finally, years after changing his name, he was able to marry, settle down, and start a normal life. But that all came to an end when the bank in Oak Forest was robbed and three innocent men were needlessly murdered in the process by a gang of trained killers led by Lil Max, a well-educated, friendly, soft-spoken psychopath on a path of revenge. After a bloody shoot-out at the gang’s hideout, the posse recovered the stolen money, but the real battle began when Lil Max and his gang returned for their money. Matt now finds himself on the ground with a bullet in his chest, Lil Max standing over him pointing a pistol at his head, slowly pulling back on the hammer.
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ISBN: 9781493143511
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