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Some of us have heard about it on TV, maybe you saw some chatter about it on websites and blogs, but if you never took the time to investigate, this book will help. Here you will find a good, understandable explanation of what all the chatter is about.Kabbalah for Beginners will help you sort through your confusion. This book will help you down the path to understanding why we all act the way we do. You will find in this book the current essential principals of the wisdom of Kabbalah and a description of how these principals work.Kabbalah for Beginners will help you to understand the reasons for suffering and pleasure. Most people would not even consider taking a trip to the unknown without an experienced tour guide. Consider this book just that guide. It will help those who really would like to take charge of their lives, taking you on a trip to improving your life. It will guide you through making your life better , more exciting and the wonderful journey it was meant to be.The book will cover the history of Kabbalah as experienced in this physical world. It will explore the origin and structure of reality; also will examine your inner realty. A great little book to clear up any confusion or misconceptions you might have previously about this wonderful wisdom of Kabbalah.
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Kabbalah for Beginners is a real treat. A must for anyone new to Kabbalah. I loved pouring through the easy to understand explanations of the roots of behavior and the law that governs nature. ( I thought I knew all that!) I had to set aside everything I claimed was behind why I exist, why I was born and where I'm headed after I'm done on this earth.
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