Pouring into an Empty Vessel
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As the world emphasizes sex to a greater degree, more and more people find themselves dealing with sexual addiction?either their own or that of a loved one. It is important that we begin to recognize and understand this problem so that it can be addressed. With that in mind, this memoir shares author Mary Gillespie?s personal story about a complicated marriage.

They met and married young, and when Gillespie?s husband, Will, surrendered his life to the ministry, they began their journey in the ministry together. On the surface, things seemed fine, but there were many signs and indicators in their marriage that things were not right. When he was caught in an affair and diagnosed as having a sex addiction, she stayed with him, determined to discover the source of the addiction, to work through the problem, and to forgive him.

But after his death, she learned that he had fallen back into his dark life, leaving her grieving both that and his loss. She struggled with her emotions, wanting desperately to understand the illness.

Pouring into an Empty Vessel: My Life, Married to a Sex Addict helps you understand the life and pain of a sex addict?and that of the partner. Though the spouse can do little to help the addict, you can learn how to endure the helplessness of being unable to help?and how to help yourself survive.

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