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With “Learn to Read and Write Hebrew” you will master Hebrew reading and writing, in print and script, with and without vowels, both quickly and easily. Every consonant and vowel is presented separately, with its own reading drills and written exercises. A detailed answer key provides immediate feedback.

Download the first section for free and try the exercises. Don’t forget to check your answers using the answer key. If you like your progress and the ease with which you are learning to read Hebrew, you will want to buy the book.

You may purchase and download the reading section of the book, minus the sections on how to write Hebrew and how to read without vowels, for only $6.00. To download the reading portion, search for “Learn to Read the Hebrew Bible and Prayer Book in Six Weeks or Less”, here on SCRIBD.

If you wish to purchase the entire text, reading and writing, with and without vowels, you can find the book under its Amazon or title, Hebrew Reading and Writing Self Taught by Fern Margolis - (ISBN 0759672466). If you search for the book on Amazon, you will find several customer reviews.
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