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Google AdWords: Better Results In 30 Days

123 pages1 hour


Google AdWords is a fast and effective way to market your products or services on Google. This book will teach you how to quickly get started and how to effectively and intelligently get the best results with your AdWords (Pay Per Click) advertising. This book is written for the beginner and intermediate AdWords advertiser and is focused on helping businesses do it themselves. We provide you with the core knowledge to be successful with Google AdWords.We'll explain step by step everything you need to do in order to be successful and make money advertising your business on Google, in clear and easy to understand directions. You'll also learn how to avoid wasting money by focusing on relevance and reducing irrelevant clicks. We'll take you from start to finish, in a clear and concise format, and then teach you the tricks to optimize your campaigns on an ongoing basis, focusing on increasing click thru rates, quality scores and conversions.Our company specializes in managing Google AdWords campaigns and is a Google Partner. We pride ourselves in helping our client's get the best results with their paid Internet advertising, and are now sharing this information with businesses in an effort to help them get better results with their AdWords advertising, grow their business and make more money.

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