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Death Rites

Length: 384 pages4 hours


A woman’s nightmare, a cop’s redemption, and a killer’s ritual.

Night after night, Michelle Ransom is trapped in a terrifying dreamworld where the faceless bodies of murdered women haunt her, drawing her ever closer to the edge of madness. Is it all in her mind . . . or all too real?

Since his wife’s death, grief and alcohol have slowly consumed LAPD detective Amiel “Touch” Benson. Until a chance meeting with Michelle Ransom reminds him what he once was and what he once had.

When Michelle’s visions come to life in very real and very disturbing crime scenes, Benson is forced to consider the impossible. Is Michelle truly psychic? Or is she a suspect? Either way, Benson must risk everything to find out. Because the final ritual has already begun.

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