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The Treacherous Teddy

Length: 320 pages5 hours


San Francisco cop Brad Lyon has retired from the force and is loving his new life in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, with his wife, Ashleigh. When not investigating murder, they collect and create adorable teddy bears, and even sometimes encounter real ones.
While Brad pieces together his latest “Claw and Order” bear for a local teddy bear show, his deputy wife finds a local farmer done in by an arrow through his heart. Ash’s investigative skills may be razor-sharp, but this case has stumped them both. Was it a hunting accident—or was the farmer being hunted?
Now Brad and Ash must assemble together the clues while organizing their first teddy bear jubilee in town. And with the suspect list growing, they’ll have to work fast to root out a killer before more innocents become endangered.

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