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Trailsman #251, The :: Utah Uproar

Length: 176 pages3 hours


Skye Fargo is caught between a gold rock and a hard case.

Stranded in Utah by a sandstorm, Skye Fargo chances upon a remote cabin—the home of a lonely widow caught between two battling factions. Seems some hombre named Charlie Vrittan promised a passel of settlers shares in a gold mine if they’d build a town in his name. Once the labor was complete, he and his men kept the riches and paid the workers in hot lead.
Now a war is brewing in the desert. Sheltered underground in abandoned mines, the people Vrittan cheated—called Dirt Breathers—prepare to give him and his
Air Breathers the fight of their lives. But both sides have the Trailsman to reckon with. And if he has his way, the only thing anybody is going to be breathing is gunsmoke.

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