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Longarm 383: Longarm and the Killer Countess

Length: 192 pages2 hours


Longarm has to deal with a royal pain in the neck…

U.S. Deputy Marshal Custis Long’s latest assignment is to escort Countess Lilliana Miranov and her Cossack party into the Rocky Mountains to hunt game. Spoiled and prone to irrational rages, the Russian beauty sees the lawman as nothing more than a peasant—before deeming him worthy enough for some special royal treatment.
Longarm is just beginning to enjoy his duty when the countess sets her sights on a lone Ute brave—and kills him with one shot. Now, with a vengeful war party tracking them across the frozen frontier, Longarm has to find a way to keep the Cossacks corralled if he’s going to keep them alive…

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