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Longarm #276: Longarm and the Denver Executioners

Length: 192 pages3 hours


Longarm longs to send this posse a-packin’!

Everybody in Denver remembers the ruthless massacre at a local bank ’round five years back, but not a living soul has seen hide nor hair of the posse since. The murderers scooted out of town with a good passel of loot—and their identities unknown.
But when one of them, at death’s door, decides to come clean before the Lord and the law, deputy marshal Long uses his leads—and vows to avenge the murder of the innocents. With some dirt on his targets gathered from a lonely, young landlady—who’ll only give away one secret per night of low-down lovin’—Longarm thinks he can sniff out their track. But to do this, he’ll have to uncover a trail hidden under five years’ worth of dust…

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