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Trailsman #262: Badland Bloodbath

Length: 176 pages3 hours


Skye’s been working on the railroad!

Skye Fargo has never had a kind word for the railroad barons, but they sure do pay well. While playing bodyguard to a surveying team in Wyoming, Skye catches a glimpse of the famous “Orphan Train,” full of street urchins from New York City hoping to find families among the settlers of the west.
Then without warning, a gang of desperadoes attacks the train and kidnaps the children. Led by Dakota Danford, the outlaws demand $100,000 from the railroad barons for the safe return of the orphans, and New York Herald writer Kristen McKenna.
Hidden among the caverns known as the Devil’s Catacombs, the bandits believe they’re invulnerable from any rescue attempt. But they didn’t reckon on a confrontation with the Avenging Angel called the Trailsman…

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