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Longarm Double #1: Deputy U.S. Marshal

Length: 432 pages9 hours


Double-barreled action—the first two Longarms in one volume! 


Longarm has a new mission. Ride to Crooked Lance. Pick up Cotton Younger, killer cousin of Jesse James, from the town jail. Bring him to trial. It should be easy. Except for one thing: Deputy Kincaid has already tried it. And Deputy Kincaid is nowhere to be found. Nobody at Crooked Lance wants Longarm to do his job—not the beautiful widow woman, or the Federal Agent, or the James gang—but Longarm never gives up when he has work to do. Even if it kills him…

The Mexicans claim it’s a Texas town. The Texans say it’s Mex. Los Perros. A tough, old cow-camp of border-jumpers and price-tagged rustlers—with a “hanging” sheriff of flexible sympathies. The Feds want it cleaned up, the cattle thieves flushed out, the vanished lawmen found. Only one man can do it…

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