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Slocum 308: Slocum and the Hangman's Lady

Length: 192 pages2 hours


Slocum bleeds justice out of an unjust town!

In Del Rio, justice is swift and innocence is no defense. You’re tried in the morning and hanged at noon. And if you’re a lawyer, winning an acquittal for your client can be fatal if it goes against the powers that be.
Despite Slocum’s eyewitness testimony, an innocent Mexican is sentenced and hanged for murder. It’s all part of a scheme to seize a very valuable piece of land. Slocum could—and probably should—ride away from the whole ugly situation. But injustice doesn’t sit well with him—and one attempt has already been made on his own life. Now, Slocum is going to shed the blood of the guilty—to avenge an innocent man who couldn’t fight back.

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