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Slocum 263: Showdown

Length: 192 pages3 hours


Slocum’s gunning for revenge after an Austin ambush…

Slocum rides into Austin looking for a good bottle of whiskey and an even better woman. He gets both—and a passel of problems to boot. It seems a trio of lowlife gunslingers are terrorizing the town, and the sheriff is powerless to stop them. Slocum’s never been one to look for trouble, but it comes a’knockin’ after he shoots one of the owlhoots, and takes up with the lady of another. Before he knows it, he’s on the business end of a cowardly beating. But no man sucker punches John Slocum—or tells him where to hang his hat. And if the citizens of Austin think those three are tough, they ain’t seen nothing yet…

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