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Father of the Year

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Everybody in Las Vegas knew Bill Rundle. A story by his son Richie earned the former casino guard the title “Las Vegas’s Father of the Year”—a bittersweet honor in light of Richie’s tragic death at age eleven. He was killed by a drunk driver while waiting for the school bus, but not before saving the life of another child. The story of his courageous act made Richie a high-profile local hero, and the entire city mourned with Bill and his wife, Shirley.
Fifteen years later, the couple vanished from their Vegas home. Authorities were at a loss—until they found Shirley’s corpse and learned that Bill’s mother was missing as well.
The trail led to a Bill Rundle no one knew—a manipulative con man, professional thug, and savage killer whose crimes reached back through the decades. A man whose cold-blooded lies exposed the real, and terrifying, face of the Father of the Year.

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