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211 Things a Bright Boy Can Do

Length: 336 pages4 hours


For everyone who loved The Dangerous Book for Boys-an oddly useful and hilarious handbook for the mischievous child in all of us.

If you've reached adulthood without knowing how to spin a rope like a cowboy, cure a hangover, or make a citizen's arrest, this is the book you've been waiting for. Funny, far-ranging, and surprisingly handy, the book presents tutorials, including:

- How to Be a Real Man: mow the perfect lawn; defend yourself with nothing but an umbrella
- Bracing Outdoor Activities: skate backwards; make a boomerang come back; snare wild game
- Amusing Diversions: float an egg; eat a goldfish; master fiendish tongue-twisters; judge a woman's bra size at a glance

Also includes:
- Sumo wrestling for beginners
- Four diversions with a banana
- And much more

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