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Afterburn: Bio Rescue #2

Length: 416 pages6 hours


In her groundbreaking science fiction novels—Bio Rescue, Blade Dancer, and the bestselling Stardoc series—S. L. Viehl has proven time and again that she deserves her reputation as “a terrific world builder” (Midwest Book Review). She continues the story of the Allied League of Worlds and its elite Bio Rescue unit of military trained SEAL (surgically enhanced/altered lifeform) pilots.
The Hsktskt slavers have been driven out of the Pmoc quadrant. K-2, the home planet of the underwater dwelling ‘Zangians, has been selected to host the resulting peace summit. When an ambassador’s shuttle is attacked en route to the conference, Bio Rescue pilot Sub-Lieutenant Burn mu Znora manages to intercept the vessel and prevent the abduction of the ambassador’s daughter Liana.
Now, with the Bio Rescue unit officially assigned to police the peace negotiations, Burn must stay close to Liana—an assignment he’s happy to accept. But as it becomes clear someone is determined to sabotage the conference, Burn realizes Liana is hiding a deadly secret—a secret that may alter the fate of four worlds...

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