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Undead Ed and the Demon Freakshow

Length: 208 pages1 hour


Being a zombie is no picnic, especially when your body is rotting right before your eyes. (Gross!) As if Ed Bagley didn't already have it bad enough, he's now being chased by a horde of demons sent by Kambo Cheapteeth, an undead circus clown who’s always angry.

With the help of his werewolf buddy, Max Moon, Ed ventures into the ultimate vortex of evil: a demon circus, to battle with Kambo once and for all! Along the way, he encounters an evil curse, a maze of mirrors, a giant spewing sewer creature, and a floating girl with a sewn-up eye who’s determined to destroy him.

Can Ed hold it together (and keep from decomposing) long enough to stop the big top?

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