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Killer Doctors

Length: 336 pages5 hours


Doctors have at their disposal a number of devious ways to extinguish life—and just as many motives—should they desire. Some do. In Killer Doctors, the dark side of the men in white is revealed. So are the appalling crimes of those trusted healers.
• Michael Swango, a.k.a. “Dr. Death,” one of history’s most notorious serial killers who may have killed at least 35 patients.
• Charles Friedgood, whose shoddy surgeries and gruesome incompetence led to murder—and exposed the AMA’s “brotherhood of silence.”
• The dim Bernard Finch, whose near-farcical plot to kill his wife revealed a murder so insanely ill-conceived and executed that it left jurors dumbfounded, amused, and deadlocked.
• Plus even more shocking stories of grave malpractice, morbid bedside manners, and the chilling exploitations of a privileged profession.

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