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The Princes of Ressalon: Book 2 of the Keeper of Balance - Earth

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In the second book in the series we discover who Tez and Thor are and why they are here. Chrissy and Amelia are in for a very major surprise and new characters are introduced into the series. Earth's intelligence agencies become increasingly interested in the pair and steps are taken to further protect the central characters although they are more than able to protect themselves. Tez still has a lot of growing up to do and the romance progresses. His new family provide a very happy home for him and the family’s love that he needs, help to develop his growth into a young man.Tez develops both his skills in magic and in science. His schooling starts and then stops rather suddenly. His introduction to Christmas is funny as is his interaction with relatives. The family has a move helped along by the pair.Book 2 is a more powerful story and introduces science fiction elements but these are just part of the continuing saga and do not take a front row seat. Any more than this and I would have to issue a spoiler alert. Please enjoy as the saga continues. I hope you all like Dragons and Warriors! The Builders are cute! Terry

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