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Engraved by Grace: Creating a Legacy of Faith for Your Children and Grandchildren

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Engraved By Grace

Engraved By Grace reminds us that “family” is God’s most precious provision for imprinting faith on our children and grandchildren. Esther Burroughs challenges her readers to have an eternal impact on their loved ones by investing God’s truths in them and “passing the baton of faith” to them!

Packed with Scripture and beautiful inspirational stories, this book teaches the reader to build family traditions, establish worship rituals in our homes, and bless our children and grandchildren with words of encouragement and love.

Each chapter concludes by providing possible legacies that you can begin right now! Through it all, we are reminded to pray with and four our children—remembering—“When our prayers ascend to the Father, His power descends!”

No everyone receives an inheritance, but everyone can leave a legacy! The legacy you live—is the life you live before children and grandchildren.

Esther Burroughs is a remarkable storyteller, having the ability to blend the truth of God into her messages. Esther Burroughs is an audience favorite as she speaks across the USA and beyond. Should you like to know more about her, go to her website:

To receive a FREE copy of her best-selling book, “Treasures of a Grandmother’s Heart,” go to her website and look under the heading, “Heart.”

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