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This book portrays the personal experience of breast cancer through the stories of three women and their partners. The combination of emotional and factual information on the disease, treatment options, and health promotion strategies makes this important reading for health professionals and their patients. It is derived from a major NYU nursing study of 121 couples. Each chapter is followed by study questions and a knowledge review, which can be used in patient education. An overview of the NYU study is given as well as a list of relevant Internet sites. A companion video series is also available.
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A DISEASE AS COMPLEX AS BREAST CANCER can result from a combination of factors, both genetic and lifestyle. Everything from the DNA you were born with to the changes in your genes that come from things like smoking, how much you exercise, your radiation exposure, what you eat and even how much you sleep can influence risk. Still, some factors appear stronger than others. According to the American Cancer Society, as much as 75% to 80% of breast cancers may be tied to lifestyle choices and environmental exposures. (The rest can be traced to genes, including mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2.) There’
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