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Salient Points of the Book
1. The theme of the book is, the politician, whatever their part, never tell us the truth. They are either half-truths, either heavily exaggerated or outright lies.
2. President Bill Clinton is credited with having balanced the budget for the first time in 47 years, eliminated deficit financing and created a huge surplus of $5.3 trillion at the end of his eight year term. What did he do to achieve this? The answer is nothing. Was the $5.3 trillino supposedly left by him- was it real or was it a phantom?
3. The truth behind the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
4. The history of the national debt. The reason for deficit financing resulting in the national debt and where it is taking the United States.
5. The economy and the role of the President in its downward and upward trend.
6. The Social Security and Medicare. The politicians are frightening us by saying that these will become bankrupt by the year 2020 or so. Is it possible and what exactly is the nature of these two? Are they welfare entitlements or our rights?
Fotr answers to all these questions read my book "Are we, We the Idiots" as the politicians think we are, which will be published soon.
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