The Lovable Antichrist
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Have you ever wondered how the very elect of God will be deceived? Have you ever imagined it could actually happen to you? Well, it has!

The Lovable Antichrist is a warning from God to His elect. It will help you identify the antichrist(s) in your life and why they are lovable to you. It identifies some of the myths and deceptions that have crept (and even boldly marched) into the church. These teachings have solidly established themselves as mainstay doctrines, almost replacing the gospel as it was once preached.

The modern church is in a degraded condition and weakened to a point that many do not even know how to draw upon God’s power in challenging situations.

Because we live in an age of grace, we’ve been given the freedom to create this convoluted mess, but we’ve also been given the latitude and knowledge to fix it. The Lovable Antichrist is more than just a wake-up call from the Lord; it is a warning and a solution.

We are facing a difficult future when “church as usual” won’t cut it for Christians. We’re going to have to overcome challenges in which only God’s word and God’s way will work.

It is imperative that we learn to walk in the truths of the Bible.

It is imperative that we heed this warning!

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