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Fitness and Exercise Fun for Baby Boomers and Seniors
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The Author, Vincent Bossley of this ebook ‘Fitness and Exercise Fun for Baby Boomers and Seniors’ suffered a fractured hip whilst travelling overseas and quickly came to realise the severe effect this trauma can wreak on our bodies as we advance in years. As tough as the whole exercise of having to have surgery in a foreign land and get back home afterward was, it was nothing compared to the ongoing rehabilitation process of getting his whole system back into balance and once more feeling comfortable in body and mind. The author maintains it took him almost two years before he regained that position of fitness, and this was after a lot of therapy and ongoing exercise.

Here’s what he has to say of that experience:
‘Five years ago on an overseas trip I fell and fractured my left hip. I considered I had a reasonable level of fitness and had followed a good diet with regular exercise for many years. I was appalled at the effect this accident had on my system. Following the operation (pin and plate) whilst away, on my return home I went in to hydrotherapy treatment twice weekly. I cannot tell you how painful this was initially, (talk about making your eyes water – wasn’t the half of it!), but it was the best because the nurses forced me into doing the exercises in the water, which I am sure if left up to me, I would never have done at home! It also brought me in contact with other folks who had similar or even worse injuries than I had. As in all things it became easier and less painful as time went by and I was able to finish the hydrotherapy treatment after three months.

This is when I began to look at various forms of exercise to strengthen parts of your body so that in the event of a serious accident the body is better equipped to handle the trauma. What I have written here is very much garnered from my own experience in rehabilitation and observation of other folks as they go about their daily lives.’ - Author

Hence, the birth of ‘Fitness and Exercise Fun for Baby Boomers and Seniors’, a series of very simple but satisfying fitness and fun exercises for all of us folks qualifying as Baby Boomers, Seniors and/or entering the advancing years category. These fun exercises can be practiced anytime and most anywhere with absolutely no or very little equipment. Those that do, require only minimum cost items and then that is only a matter of choice. The author has compiled and written this book with this specifically in mind and to encourage people to carry out these fun fitness exercises outdoors and in the fresh air where possible. In fact, the idea is not to go anywhere near a gymnasium at all. Staying fit and healthy well into our advancing years is the aim of this book and to reap the maximum fun and joy of life as we go along.

Click on the ‘See Inside’ feature of this book to find out more about how you can keep yourself fit, have fun and enjoy yourself whilst doing it.

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