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Gospel Mysteries

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In this book you can explore many fascinating mysteries, including:
-- Does the Devil really exist?
-- What was in the lost gospels?
-- Where was Golgotha?
-- Who was the mysterious Beloved Disciple?
-- Was Mary Magdalene secretly married to Jesus?
-- Can people be possessed by demons?
-- What causes stigmata?
-- Why did Jesus call himself the Son of Man?
-- Where is Hell located?
-- Did Jesus promise to return?
-- Why was Jesus crucified?
-- And many more ...

In addition to the articles, the book also contains reproductions of some famous works of art, including paintings by artists such as Raphael, Giotto di Bondone, Hieronymous Bosch, James Tissot, and Gustave Dore. Altogether the book contains 30 articles and 14 images.

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