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Neither a dry, philosophical treatise, nor a book of do-goody inspiration, Thought Forms is a practical, no-holds-barred guide to the theory and practice of magic.

Starting out with a description of your own astrological birth type, Thought Forms explains how and why your parents and society have entangled and misled you from your true feelings and destiny - the reason you were born - and how you can get back on track.

With a light and witty exposition of the history and future of consciousness, Thought Forms explains that what you call everyday life - or the "real world" - is actually a specialized form of dreaming: that the world seems real to you only because you've been taught to consider it real, and that you can bring another world of magic and joyfulness into being just by changing what you believe is reality.

Combining teachings from Jungian psychology and shamanism, Thought Forms gives simple yet effective techniques for putting the theory into practice: for reversing your social conditioning, disentangling yourself from the webs of other people, and putting yourself in touch with your true feelings.

Although the approach is astrological, no previous knowledge of astrology is required to understand and use the astrological techniques. In fact, the book is a great beginner's introduction to the power and potentials of astrology.

Contents include:
Astronomical and astrological explanations of personality types defined by Mercury’s synodic cycle – its cycle of phases as it circles the sun, with tables 1900-2050;

Discussion of consciousness: what it is; how it arose; and whither it is going, with a new view of the meaning of reincarnation and parallel realities.

Detailed instructions in white magic techniques: How to Channel and Banish Thought Forms; Creative Visualization; How to banish Black Magicians and Demons; Use of Nature Spirits.

“Bob Makransky is a knowledgeable, purposeful and entertaining writer.” – Paul F. Newman, The International Astrologer

“Steady Diamond Fire readers are well acquainted with the genius of Bob Makransky. Highly recommendable.” – Joseph Polansky, Diamond Fire

“Considerations readers have become familiar with [Makransky’s] fresh insights into different facets of astrology. In this book Thought Forms he is especially provocative and I strongly recommend its purchase and study.” – Ken Gillman, Considerations

“Thought Forms is both highly readable and highly informative, and is very definitely worth checking out.” – Kenneth Irving, American Astrology magazine

Published: Bob Makransky on
ISBN: 9781452441092
List price: $9.99
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