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The strange tales told within Horrid Tales of Wister Town...

Truthful Consequence

Darren's social life and career are limited because his is obsessed with honesty, telling the truth and revealing the secrets of others

Bloody Tannenbaum

Devon Kolbenstecker's father instantly accuses the boy of playing a prank, but they have to hurry to pick up Devon's sister from high school basketball practice.

Bestial Cult of Hathor

Terry Bringer returns to Wister Town to fulfill a vow; to spit on the graves of the committee members of the restaurant that fired him.

Pointless Deprogramming

Terry remembers he left his mother behind. He now returns, in the snow and cold of a brewing winter storm, to rescue his mother from cultists.


Teenage friends, Jamie and Tiffany, look for a turkey Jamie spotted yesterday. They hunt in the woods, next to a suburban subdivision. Instead of turkeys, the girls find puppies.


Devon and Lee have a fleeting opportunity to see the inside of the abandoned house the boys have nicknamed the Witch's house.

Carnivorous Blight

The middle-aged Richard Reichberger takes his crew of teenagers to cut down trees in the woods adjacent to a subdivision west of Wister Town, Wisconsin.


Frustrated, because she is teased at school, Karen posts a “hit list” on a social media web site.

Damnable Diaspora

The topic of April's ecumenical meeting is the supposed manifestation of the Egyptian goddess Hathor.

Tumorous Plague

A deformed stranger, Mr. Moth, stops at Ted Stephansky's farm to ask for directions.

Food Poisoning

Kenny, a busboy, argues with the waitress, Tracey, about a hundred dollar tip.

Wister Springs

Jean, a junior in high school, fends off her oversexed boyfriend, Aaron, and convinces him to visit Wister Springs.

Monster Smuggling

Patty has got a great job, making deliveries for a wealthy cryptozoologist.

Best Halloween, Ever

A not-wholly-true story illustrating the experience of trick-or-treat in the “wild.”

Best Halloween, Ever, Again

After a disappointing evening of trick-or-treat, Stan and Max continue their festivities with a monster hunt!

The One Christmas

Yet no one knows the whim of a voiceless god...

Published: Matthew Sawyer on
ISBN: 9781301284931
List price: $2.99
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