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Jason Cosmo

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Jason Cosmo is happy being a simple woodcutter in the humble village of Lower Hicksnittle until a foppish stranger arrives, claiming there is a ten million crown price on his head. Now on the run from bounty hunters, demons, mercenaries, and the full might of the Dark Magic Society, Jason joins forces with cynical wizard Mercury Boltblaster to learn why he is suddenly the Eleven Kingdoms' Most Wanted. Is Jason the legendary Mighty Champion reborn? Or is it all a big misunderstanding? And will the truth even matter if he doesn't survive?

His madcap quest takes him from the bright realm of The Gods, to the sinister depths of the Incredibly Dark Forest, to a desperate confrontation with Ultimate Evil...and into the very Jaws of Death. A rollicking debut fantasy novel from Dan McGirt.

JASON COSMO is the first volume of the classic Non-Trilogy, followed by ROYAL CHAOS and DIRTY WORK.


"Energetic fantasy adventure...McGirt seems prepared to stoop to the lowest literary levels to set up a joke...gleefully employs coincidence, improbability, and a downright flouting of the laws of narrative.”
— Publishers Weekly

"It’s a very funny fantasy."
— Beat Scene


This ebook reproduces the original paperback edition of JASON COSMO published by NAL/Signet in 1989, with minor corrective edits. A revised edition of JASON COSMO was published by Trove Books in 2009 as HERO WANTED. JASON COSMO is approximately 75,000 words.

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