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13a Trigger Happy
A Mexican woman is with a man in a restaurant. A sketch artist is killed outside. The sketches of the man and woman are taken.
Nick is trying to identify the man. He does identify the woman. She is trying to get into hotels in the Atlanta area before the Olympic Games. She will then turn the hotels into brothels.
Nick's gangster friends want her stopped. Nick wants the killer caught and prosecuted. If she was the killer, it would solve both problems.
Then the man who was at the restaurant with her is killed in a shooting at his office. He worked for a gangster in Atlanta. The woman was in her room under house arrest.
There was another there who wasn't in that room.

13b Strange Fish
A woman is on Gilly's Wharf to be dumped by her boyfriend. She knew it and wished he would just call and say he was as tired of her as she was of him.
He ends up dead, stabbed in the back.
The killer had to be someone on that wharf at that time. Nick narrowed it down to the Vietnam psychological case and one other.
The one other was someone who wasn't on his list of people there.
Then he got a break.

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