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Jesus: The Final Journey

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JESUS; THE FINAL JOURNEY..The Little Book In Search Of The Truth... or simply:

A unique, up-close and personal look at Jesus during His last year on earth by an actor who has portrayed Him over 300 times in his play. This momentous year begins with the feeding of the "5000" and concludes with His Resurrection.
Gain insight into His mind-set and discover, for the_first time, the reasons for Jesus' actions during those turbulent years... a "whydunit".
Involve yourself dramatically in this historical journey.
Enjoy the woodcuts of Albrecht Durer.

Here's what some readers had to say:
"At times I felt I was walking alongside him" Martin Roth
"Without hesitation, I can say I got more out of this book (on Christianity) than any others" Joe Sites
"..has made His story more vivid to me" Patrick M. Brian
"..a book to keep on one's bedside to read and reread.." Marie Foss "avid book reader"
"What makes this book unique is the providing of the "why" of
His actions." Michael Stults
"This is a must read for anyone who wants to learn more about the foundations of Christianity" Frank E. Sissons

TRANSFIGURATION..””What a dramatic scene Peter, together with John and James downstage center, Jesus, Elijah and Moses upstage resplendent in glory and God directing from above..It is fairly well concealed, but Luke says that Moses and Elijah are speaking of Jesus’ “departure”...that is an innocuous term for “death”..”

ARRIVAL IN JERUSALEM..He is coming, leaving a trail of miracles in His wake.. You (Jewish law keepers) have to prevent his coming and stirring up the people that are assembling for Passover..There was the blind man receiving sight in nearby Jericho. He is coming. And now he he's raised a man, named Lazarus, from the dead! And this happened in Bethany, right next door. He's here!

LAZARUS.. "Picture this, Lazarus with cloth wrappings at his side, dragging the dirt, emerges from the hole in the side of the hill, arms outstretched, shaking his head, trying to make sense of what is happening, even who he is. Imagine the effect on the onlookers..He was dead and now he lives! And the orchestrater of this scene stands aside, observing, content that his friend is alive"
PASSOVER FEAST..”(Note: It’s almost like Jesus, the Protagonist is staging this event, wherein Judas...the Antagonist
becomes the villain, and the supporting players, the disciples are witness to this “treachery”. . A nice piece of “business” with the morsel of bread..)”

CRUCIFIXION..”Since no details are provided of the actual crucifixion..let us ascend the cross with Jesus of Nazareth.. First, the physical. The shoulders start to cramp, from trying to hold himself up on the bar. The nerve damage to the wrists causes shooting pains..In severe distress his breath comes in gasps..Next the emotional suffering.. All the wicked acts of which he is innocent, through the grace of God and His Spirit, Jesus is made to experience in his mind. He sees himself in his mind's eye, doing these despicable acts. He is ashamed of His nakedness."

RESURRECTION..”..Jesus’ perishable, decaying and odiferous body is transformed into an imperishable body..Then His body is resurrected. His spirit returned. His body is vivified by the Spirit of the Father..Now as to how the actual resurrection takes place..God alone knows?”

INCREDIBLE JOURNEY OF JESUS CHRIST.."Again Jesus reveals His humorous nature when He asks if there is anything to eat. It's as though an old friend..drops in unexpectedly, and asks, "what's for dinner?..They would be unaware of His presence, and suddenly there He was, in their midst..(Note: The key to understanding the so-callled "code" of Da Vinci..can be found in the bible itself and in the man who painted it.."

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